Solara's services suite is designed to solve any or all of the five aspects of hazardous waste collection events.

Bid Consultation & Review

We can review your Request for Proposals and Bids to ensure that the responses will meet your expectations and requirements.

Community EduCation & Promotion

We understand the importance of a well-promoted event. Our team is fully-equipped to provide you with the educational & promotional pieces for your collection programs to ensure that your community knows when and where to go. 



We work on your behalf with federal and state regulatory agencies to ensure that events are properly permitted and reported. This ensures the event will be safe for participants, workers and volunteers alike. 


Our team is resourceful and can provide the location and application for government funding with regard to your collection event. 



Following an event, we are able to provide you with a post-event report to meet the needs of the regulatory agencies. We can also design customized post-event reports to consolidate additional data.